7 Tree Service Marketing Ideas that ACTUALLY Work

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Tree Service Marketing Ideas

Scouring the web for Marketing Ideas for your Tree Service?  You came to the right place – here at Tree Service Marketing & Leads we believe in educating tree service business owners so they don’t fall prey to some tree marketing company’s b*llshit.

Let’s jump right in

#1 Buy the Right Tree Service Domain

Most Tree Service Companies end up buying some catchy tree related domain that they always loved from childhood.  

Ever hear of these tree services:

  • Savatree
  • Barlett
  • Davey
  • Tree Monsters


Cool names, right?

Sure they sound cool – Tree Monsters in particular is a pretty catchy name, but they forgot one thing…

We call this EMD or PMD and in the 21st century this is more important than any catchy name.

EMD = Exact Match Domain

PMD = Partial Match Domain

Google gives a lot of weight to what words are in your domain.  Hence, our business name is Tree Service Marketing & Leads for this very reason.

# 1 Buying the Right Tree Service Domain in a Nutshell:

Google will rank your website higher automatically if you have keywords such as these:

  1. Tree Service
  2. Tree Removal
  3. Land Clearing (if that’s what your main service is)
  4. Stump Removal
  5. Tree Work
  6. Arborist (if you’re in the tree care industry)
  7. Tree Care
  8. Your city (stlouistreeservice.com)
  9. Your state (newjerseytreeservice.com)


Higher Rankings = More Estimates

#2 Set Up Your Tree Service Google Listing Online

amazing tree service marketing ideas

Ever remove a tree that’s dangerously close to a customers house?  Sure you have.  Think back to that very moment when you’re yelling at your tree climber to make sure he ties off the log correctly…  “You better not **ck this up!”

Remember that moment?

This is the same thing..  You better not **ck up setting up your Tree Service Google My Business Listing online!

best tree service marketing ideas

I found this guy deep in the depths of google where no customer would ever look..  There’s a popular internet marketing joke that goes:

Where’s the best place to hide a dead body?  Page 2 of google!

TreesRus should have a career change from tree service business to the body hiding business because they did a trash job of setting up their tree service GMB listing. 

Here’s the Rules to Properly Setup Your Google My Business Listing for Tree Services:

  1. Use a Full Keyword in the Listing, here’s a couple:
    1. Tree Service
    2. Tree Removal
    3. Land Clearing
    4. Stump Removal
    5. Tree Work
    6. Arborist
    7. Tree Care
  2. Put your “Brand” Next to the name, here’s a couple examples:
    1. Red’s Tree Service
    2. Mike’s Tree Removal
    3. Top Notch Land Clearing
    4. Stump Removal Brothers
    5. Affordable Tree Work
    6. Alex The Arborist
    7. Tim’s Tree Care LLC
  3. Slap the City in There if… You can!  Here’s a couple examples:
    1. Red’s Quincy Tree Service
    2. Mike’s Tree Removal – Fairfax
    3. TX Top Notch Land Clearing
    4. NJ Stump Removal Brothers
    5. Affordable Tree Work Arlington
    6. Alex The Aurora Arborist
    7. Tim’s Tennessee Tree Care LLC


I’ve got to mention this…  Google hates “Spammy Names” meaning that every name in bullet point #3 has the capacity to get you suspended by google.  

Use them with caution.

Our nerds are very good at walking the line between google loving us and google hating us.

We’ll setup your Google My Business Listing for Free and Give you a Free Tree Service Website – all free!  Click Here for the Free Tree Service Website Details.

# 2 Setting Up Your Tree Service Google Listing Online in a Nutshell:

Google heavily weighs the Keywords (tree service, tree removal, tree care, etc) that are in your Google Listing in their ranking process so make sure to include them in there.

Higher Rankings = More Estimates

1. Simple Navigation:

  • Don’t complicate it for your customers. Keep your website design clean and your copy concise.

2. Optimized Service Pages & Blog Articles :

  • The most effective tree service websites include unique pages for each of your key services, like Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Stump Grinding, etc., in detail. This is important for two reasons:
    • It clearly spotlights and describes the services you provide in your area, so the search engines can deliver your information to the very people who are searching for your services.
    • It gives possible customers/clients who are looking for your services an opportunity to see how you can help them, as well as make a fantastic first impression.
  • If you offer any other specialized tree care services, talk about them! Tell the world what separates you from your competitors!
  • Blog, blog, and blog some more. Your blog page should be answering common questions your customers are searching, like “What Are the Signs of a Dying Tree?”
    • Blogging tells search engines that you’re constantly posting fresh, relevant content. So not only are you answering the questions folks may have and leading them to your services, you’re getting better search engine rankings.

3. Trusted reviews and examples of your work:

  • Trust is a huge factor in generating leads, so make sure you have up-to-date testimonials or reviews to show how much better you are than the competition.

4. Highlight the local areas you serve:

  • Make it clear what cities/towns you serve to ensure the best visibility in search results for your local areas.

5. Utilize Cheap Off-Site Internet Marketing Tactics

  • Many online directories can be used to list your company’s information. Sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), YP.com, and Manta are useful and simple directories that will help deliver information to possible customers/clients.
  • Lots of people will also use Home Advisor or Angie’s List to find local businesses that have a good reputation. Sign up for these if you haven’t already!

6. Treat Your Customers Well

  • This goes without saying, but the best off-line marketing strategy is simply doing great work.
  • If you treat your customers well, word-of-mouth referrals can be an incredible asset to your business.
  • Make a lasting impression. Even if you are only removing a few limbs or grinding a single stump, always go above and beyond the industry standard. 
  • Did you spend the extra few minutes to pick up stray leaves and limbs? Go beyond what the other guys do.

7. Ask For Reviews

  • With such well-targeted online advertising these days, more and more people are turning to customer reviews when making choices about hiring a tree service company.
  • If you are confident that you delivered great service, then a customer should be happy enough to a few minutes to leave a review.

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